S-JDigital Photography | About
I started shooting about 10 years ago. I read books, study other peoples photography & play with the camera & computer until I get something I like. I tend to be a somewhat artistic, playing with Photoshop to come up with creative images. I do and will give 100% time & effort to making your pictures and shoot experience perfect.
I have some great locations & props that most would never have access to:I have access to a secluded Ranch with great views of the mountains, a small western cabin, corrals, & old barn, a new barn, a windmill, tall grass, cows, horses , I have a lot of animals. I live near a forest, that is great for shooting. I have a hottub. I have a basement that I have set up a studio in. However, I prefer mostly to shoot outdoors.I enjoy and shoot all different types & styles. Have an idea? Lets do it!
Western art is a big one for me. I love capture to capture beauty and art. I spend more time on artistic shoots, adjusting lights, trying different angles, etc.Most important is to have fun. I am a laid back easy-going person, & so is Jessica, she helps with most shoots..
Shawn Haddock